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Welcome to Downtown Alpine, Texas

The Alpine Downtown Association through organization, promotion and community involvement, will maintain a strong, focused and viable organization to foster an environment for new investment and business success. To that end, we will promote tourism and the arts community while preserving, protecting and enhancing the unique and historic character of the core downtown district.

Economic Development

Promotion and economic development in the core downtown district benefits far more than just the businesses within that district. We work to coordinate major events and recruit local businesses to develop interesting activities.

Quality of Life

We are actively working with the City of Alpine to improve our core downtown business district for visitors and citizens alike by creating an aesthetically pleasing and healthy downtown environment.

Urban Design

Thoughtful design of space matters. We advocate for appropriate infrastructure to support our compact community and main streets. Recent projects include improvements to parking and wayfinding. We are also developing public art and park improvements.


It is in our interest that the entire region prosper and those not physically in the district will benefit from the development of our core. To that end, we have never limited participation to downtown businesses but have accepted anyone and everyone who is interested in a strong, vibrant downtown.

JOIN US: Meetings are held on the first Thursday evening of every month.

Jim Street


David Busey

Vice President

Rick Stephens


John T. Kennedy