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By on February 6, 2020

The Alpine Downtown Association was created in 2016 after an earlier Economic Development Group recognized a need for a downtown business association to qualify for some grants. We got preliminary approval for our IRS 501(C)(3) tax exempt status in July, 2017, and final approval in April, 2018.


The Alpine Downtown Association is actively working with the City of Alpine to improve our core downtown business district for visitors and citizens alike by creating an aesthetically pleasing downtown environment. We have contributed to the revitalization of the Railroad Park and improvements to the Alpine Depot, places of “first impression” for the many who visit here. 

We also were involved in planning and completion of the parking improvements on 6th Street according to the Council’s recommendations and are now working with property owners on beautification projects on the east side of the street to increase pedestrian usage in an area of potential reinvestment opportunities. And we have worked with the City on signage to points of interest, parking and other features including historical sites.

Realizing the important role of tourism to our economy, and the role of our historic downtown business district, we created a theme for a series of HOT-funded “Promotion of the Arts” events specifically marketed to the Midland-Odessa region to attract overnight, weekend visitors. The theme was “Alpine, the Heart of the Arts.”

During the last fiscal year, we sponsored three successful events involving coordinated marketing with the City of Alpine Director of Tourism. They included the Valentine weekend “Alpine, Heart of the Arts,” the “Harvest Moon” event last September and “Christmas in Alpine” with the Chamber of Commerce, Sul Ross, the City and others. 

This year, we have decided to concentrate more on our goals and objectives developed early in our creation. They include Signs, Promotion of the Arts, Digital Presence and Branding.

We are collaborating with the City on signs and wayfinding improvements. For Promotion of the Arts, two major projects are in the works, a listing of all murals in the city toward creation of a mural walking tour and plans for arts symposia as a package deal. Art students would pay one fee for four or five days that includes lodging and meals along with a fee to help pay the instructors. Under Digital Presence, we are building a website that will link to other tourist-related websites for the area including the city’s site. And for Branding, we are developing a series of brochures detailing various attractions and services.