By on February 6, 2020

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Membership in the Alpine Downtown Association is open to anyone interested in having a robust, vibrant and profitable downtown business district. We recognize that even those not located downtown – nor even having a business – can profit from a successful business district.

Membership is not required to attend and participate in meetings. Everyone is welcome. But membership offers a few advantages. For one thing, only members may vote on actions of the association. Normally we use voice votes and it is too cumbersome to check membership. However, a roll call vote may be needed and, in that case, only members in good standing will be allowed to vote.

But there are more tangible benefits of membership. A member’s business will get a paragraph or two and photo on our web site, complete with a link to its own website. That mention will include the physical address, phone number, email and other information you may want to provide. That alone could provide much more value than the ability to vote. It could easily exceed by a substantial margin the small amount we ask for dues. And we are linked to area websites for city, county and regional attractions.

We also are working on providing a sticker or something to display in your business saying you are a member of the Alpine Downtown Association, letting your customers know their business is appreciated and goes toward a more prosperous community with the resources to provide a better lifestyle for all. 

Incidentally, we ask for $50 per year on a calendar basis but encourage members to contribute more if they feel comfortable doing so. Our dues provide us with some of the revenue we need to carry out programs designed to help your business. The more people contribute, the more resources we have to carry out our programs.

Reach out and join us today!

Active 2020 Members:

  • David Busey
  • Susan Curry
  • Dave Dumas
  • Danny Ginn
  • Kathleen Griffith
  • Vivian Harvey
  • Gwynne Jamieson
  • John Kennedy
  • Carla McFarland
  • Darin Nance
  • Walt Pyle
  • Monica Quiroga
  • Rick Stephens
  • Jim Street
  • Nancy Whitlock
  • David Winslow
  • Cathy Wright
  • Victoria Young